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3 Tips for Success

As a graduate student, you have embarked on a journey to become a specialist in your discipline and expand your career opportunities. Succeeding as a graduate student requires passion for your dedication and subject to your classes.

Based on our data about grad student success, certain behaviors contribute to the likelihood of graduate students finishing their programs. Although everyone’s life circumstances are exceptional, the following three tips offer ways to navigate grad school and complete your journey toward a graduate level.

#1: Plan for Your App

As you take a look at the course requirements for your program, plan your course development. Converse with the Advising staff to help you with this point.

Also, know about the end-of-program requirement for your degree program. In many cases, the last course in the program is a 16-week class that must be taken independently, with no parallel classes.

Our data demonstrates that effective students take classes on a regular basis during the year. In fact, students who complete at least one course in every session (Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall) are more likely to complete their programs. By taking classes consistently, you ensure that you maintain a routine for finishing your schoolwork and you maintain momentum in your program.

Registering early for courses (at least one month in advance) is a indication of success for graduating. Early registration means that your payment method could be processed in a timely way, and you can be ready for the time commitment the course requires.

#2: Be Prepared for Class Demands

Graduate study desires a considerable time commitment. A graduate course might require 15-20 hours per week to complete the readings, forums and assignments. Be ready to join a lively community of learning and actively contribute to a classroom discussions.

Similarly, staying in courses and avoiding withdrawals creates positive momentum for completing your degree. Course withdrawals will appear on a graduate transcript and might cause questions for prospective employers. Attempt to avoid withdrawing from classes and enroll for classes with a good plan to complete them!

Be certain to log in to the classroom or the cellular program regularly and keep an active presence in class. Lively classroom involvement throughout the week leads to the probability of completion.

#3: Bring Your “A” Game

Graduate school is a step up from undergraduate applications. Your learning is in your hands as you become an expert in the field.

From the beginning, approach graduate school with fascination and rigor to advance the understanding in your area. Participate actively in forum discussions by speaking to your existing class’s study literature and also ask questions that will assist you further analyze the content. Find out how to discover and examine scholarly, peer-reviewed articles in your field. These sources will be essential for completing course assignments and running your own research.

As you go through the app, drive your own learning by honing your research interests and completing projects that contribute to your research and professional goals. If you take courses, be aware of the final program demand and conduct research that prepares you to your final project, thesis, practicum or exam.

Ask your teachers to help you refine your research focus ahead of time, so you’re ready for the end of the program. Successful graduate students are proactive about mapping their own path through the level and being ready for the game.

With these tips and your own perseverance, you will be a successful graduate student. See you at commencement!

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