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Announcing Alumni Award Winners and APUS’s 2018 Student Organization

Congratulations to our 2018 student organization and alumni award winners! We’re proud of you for your important contributions to a community and to our college. It is with fantastic pride that we honor every one of these individuals and organizations for their distinguished service, their merit, and their dedication to going the extra mile.

Outstanding Student Organization Leadership Award: Joshua Adams, Hannah Emmett and Anne Midgley

The 2017 recipients of the Outstanding Student Organization Leadership Award are Joshua Adams, Hannah Emmett and Anne Midgley. This award recognizes student leaders who have contributed significantly to an organization, going over and beyond to participate members.

Joshua Adams served as the 2017 Alpha Phi Sigma Vice President. He’s an active-duty soldier and APUS alumni who volunteered to serve on the board of the Kappa Kappa chapter for the past two consecutive years.

Joshua’s commitment to this organization has been invaluable. His work led to many achievements, such as Alpha Phi Sigma making a Gold Standing for three successive years and ensuring it’s well on its way to making another Gold Standing for the fourth season.

Hannah Emmett served as the 2017 Active Minds President. She has led by example for student leaders and members.

Hannah is quite busy on social media. Additionally, she spearheaded a speaker series by coordinating a talk with Dr. April Foreman, that functions Veterans as a Suicide Prevention Coordinator with the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System.

Anne Midgley functioned as the 2017 Newman Center President. Anne’s leadership has become the driving factor in steering the Center through many community outreach programs. These programs included:

  • Wreaths Across America
  • The adoption of pro-life and women’s shelters
  • Food and clothes donations
  • Visits to shelters, hospitals and prisons during the”Living the Beatitudes” program
  • Volunteer operate at local blood drives during the current round of hurricanes

Chapter Advisor of the Year Award: Dr. Elizabeth Pearsall

The 2017 Chapter Advisor of the Year is Dr. Elizabeth Pearsall, That Has Been a Chapter Advisor for Women in STEM (wSTEM) since 2016. This award is presented to an individual who places a high quality and offers exemplary support to the organization they serve and its leadership team. Dr. Pearsall has worked with the chapter to attain Gold standing from the chapter criteria program for 2017 through her guidance and various projects.

In Commencement 2017, the wSTEM student president participated in the Alumni Rally and Rise against Hunger, alongside other student members. This student group also participated in eCYBERMISSION, with student members as pupil judges, where Dr. Pearsall functioned as a virtual judge for STEM-based jobs.

ECYBERMISSION is a web-based STEM contest for students in grades 6-9 to help them understand various STEM areas. It’s completed along with the Army Educational Outreach Program.

Additionally, wSTEM engaged in two cross-chapter occasions: The Garden Campout with the Wildlife Society and the exploration of Mars with Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS). WSTEM also engaged in Thanking Those Who Serve and Wreaths around America.

Chapter of the Year Award: Alpha Phi Sigma

The 2017 Chapter of the Year Award recipient is Alpha Phi Sigma. Throughout its activities and traditions, Alpha Phi Sigma’s purpose is to promote the advances in scientific research and elevate the ethical standards of the criminal justice profession.

Alpha Phi Sigma has been quite active with the respective communities where its members live, other student organizations at the university, the federal Alpha Phi Sigma office along with its active members. Also, Alpha Phi Sigma was involved in several volunteer and service-oriented occasions during 2017.

A number of its members engaged in Wreaths Across America as both volunteer site coordinators and volunteers. Some of the officers engaged in the Influencer program on LinkedIn.

In addition, Alpha Phi Sigma sponsored National Police Appreciation Month in May to coincide with National Police Week.

Outstanding New Student Organization Award: The Newman Center

The Newman Center is your 2017 recipient of the Outstanding New Student Organization Award. This award recognizes a recently established student organization which exhibits initiative in organizational growth and a strong capability to add to the quality of life span.

The Newman Center’s purpose is to provide a forum by which college members may grow in their Catholic faith. In the short time because servicing, The Newman Center has become part of many Fantastic initiatives, for example:

  • The National Day of Service
  • Grow Against Hunger
  • Thanking Those Who Serve
  • Virtual Blood Drive
  • Their support occasion, The Corporal Works of Mercy

This organization’s current chapter advisors are Cynthia Nolan, Mark Bowles and Robert Smith.

Alumni Public Service Award: Lindsay Vani

Lindsay Vani is the 2018 Alumni Public Service Award recipient. This award recognizes an alumnus who devotes personal energy and time towards their community and uses their experiences and education obtained at APUS to market public service causes.

Lindsay is a graduate of American Military University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in management and a master’s degree in business management with a concentration in nonprofit management. She serves her community as a volunteer in various positions specializing in economic growth, crime prevention, health and security.

From 2008 to 2012, Lindsay served to the Board of Directors for the Greater Topsail Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, supporting local businesses and encouraging economic growth. She also joined the Board of Managers of Jacksonville/Onslow County Crimestoppers, a nonprofit organization which uses donations to pay cash rewards for tips that assist law enforcement.

In 2015, Lindsay found her true passion in volunteering for Onslow County Fire/Rescue Station two Bear Creek. Since linking, Lindsay has set to the Party Rock Fire in Western North Carolina at November 2016 and finished training as a North Carolina certified firefighter in 2018. She continues to work towards earning additional certificates.

Distinguished Graduate Award: Kevin Dougherty

Kevin Dougherty is the 2018 Distinguished Graduate Award recipient. This award recognizes graduates who have made outstanding contributions to the country and their community. It provides character, achievement, and service that signify the university’s mission of leadership and service in a diverse global society.

Kevin is a graduate of American Military University. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in transportation and logistics management and a master’s degree in transportation and logistics management.

Currently, Kevin is used by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as a Voluntary Service Specialist and Events Coordinator. He enhances the lives of hospitalized veterans by taking them to events and activities where they are honored for their service and sacrifice.

Kevin has won additional awards, including;

  • The 2018 Greater Boston Federal Executive Board Excellence in Government”Unsung Hero Award”
  • The 2017 Massachusetts Disabled American Veterans”VHA Employee of the Year”
  • The 2015 VA National Creative Arts Contest — First Place for Multi-Media Video and Original Song”She’s a Veteran Too.”
  • Numerous U.S. Navy Achievement Awards for Outstanding Performance and Leadership

Alumni Education celebrity: Captain S. Robert Herring, IV

Captain S. Robert Herring, IV is the 2018 Alumni Education Award recipient. This award recognizes an alumnus who devotes time and effort towards lifelong learning and that strives to affect the educational community, as a whole and/or in their particular field.

Capt. Herring is a U.S. Air Force officer stationed at the United States Strategic Command Air Forces Air Operations Center. He graduated from American Military University in 2015 with a master’s degree in findings.

While finishing his diploma, Capt. Herring served as a full-time watch stander from the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) Control Center. Additionally, he finished the Intelligence Community Advanced Analyst Program.

To facilitate learning, Capt. Herring instructed multiple trainees on the NORAD and USNORTHCOM Operations Intelligence Watch. To advance their learning, he made a training library which assists the trainees throughout their certificate and competent obligation. Capt. Herring created evaluation scenarios that assess specific subject matter knowledge for multiple crew positions.

Additionally, he conducted team evaluations of the NORAD and USNORTHCOM Control Center, assessing two direction crew positions, domain crew coordination and actions of the control centre crew. His work led to 150 crewmembers earning their crew certificates throughout a realistic evaluation situation.

Since graduation, Capt. Herring has continued his education by means of a Ph.D. program in business administration, specializing in homeland security direction and policy. He also completed the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Professional Analyst Career Education (PACE) principles program.

Alumni University Service Award: Kimberly Trenner

Kimberly Trenner is the 2018 Alumni University Service Award recipient. This award recognizes an alumnus who dedicates time and energy to the APUS community in a bid to advance university attempts, promote student success, and construct the APUS culture in a positive manner. It honors graduates whose selfless commitment and consistent involvement to the university as a whole have exemplified the university’s beliefs.

Kimberly is a graduate of American Military University with a master’s degree in history. While she was AMU, Kimberly combined the historic society school organization, Saber and Scroll. She acted as Membership Secretary for two decades.

During this time, Kimberly united individuals who desired to create another organization that could be exclusive to background students who showed above-average grades. With the school’s help, Saber and Scroll formed the Historical Studies Honor Society (HSHS). Kimberly has been involved in forming the charter in addition to fulfilling all of the school’s requirements for the creation of a new organization.

Please join us in congratulating the recipients of this 2018 Chapter Standards and Alumni Awards. Their dedication to excellence and their selfless commitments are what we value in our students and in our alumni. We are proud of their APUS values that they present in their everyday lives.

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