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APUS Students Prepping to Input First Model UN Contest in November

Three APUS faculty members in the Legal Studies program and the International Relations program in the School of Security and Global Studies have begun coaching a group of volunteer students. This class is now the university’s first team to take part in the National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference in Washington, D.C. November 9-11.

The NMUN is the world’s largest intercollegiate Model UN conference. Students from around the world discuss issues in the forefront of global relations.

The American Public University and American Military University team will consist of three to five delegates with another five students as alternates. Together, they form the nucleus of a brand new Model UN Club on campus.

All pupils can join the club regardless of their field of research by checking out the student activities web page or simply by linking to the team’s Facebook page.

As the team grows, the pupils will be able to host their own internal UN arguments and enter more than 1 group in future international competitions.

The November Model UN competition will include over 900 university students from all over the world. Each school will represent a UN member state.

Dr. Mily Kao, adjunct instructor at the University of Safety and International Studies and among the coaches, states the APUS team will take part as the Czech Republic. The size is”predicated on the number of pupils required” to accommodate the size of the nation.

Model UN Contest Issue to be Released in Early August

Like every one the teams in the competition, the APUS team will not know exactly what issue it will debate, formulate resolutions on and address in the version UN competition until the problem is released in early August.

The Model UN competition will even feature a crisis simulation from the Security Council and briefings by members of the D.C. diplomatic community. Delegations may also arrange briefings at nearby embassies or extend their stay to go to national monuments and museums.

In the meantime, the coaches can help the pupil group familiarize themselves with critical world problems that might be the subject of the conference, such as climate change or even nuclear proliferation. The team will also hone their public speaking and debating techniques.

“What we’re trying to do as faculty advisers is teach the team how to make arguments, the way to debate the topics and essentially present their policy positions,” clarifies coach Paula Wylie, associate professor of International Relations in the School of  Safety and Global Studies.

Thorough preparation, which can be critical to the group’s success,”requires lots of effort, but it can be achieved,” states James Barney of the Legal Studies program. He headed a prosperous APUS delegation in its first mock trial contest this past year.

Student Team Faces Specific Challenge of Not Meeting in Person until Contest

Barney pointed out this version UN students at traditional colleges meet together regularly to work in their approach and familiarize themselves with the country they’ll represent.

APUS students, on the other hand, are situated all over the world. They must do all of their preparatory work and conferring with their teammates completely online.

In reality, the team will not meet in person until they gather at the Crystal Gateway Marriott hotel in Arlington, Virginia, for the November competition.

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