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Google Drive and Google Docs

There are many tools in the internet environment that will help you succeed in college. The tools I like to utilize include Google Drive along with Google Docs. These tools work well for producing and saving documents, and they are also useful for work which needs cooperation with your fellow pupils.

Google Drive: Ideal for Writing and Retrieving Documents

Google Drive is my cloud storage of option. It offers up to 15 gigabytes of data for free, with the option to purchase additional storage. Also, I access Google Drive from all my devices and it will automatically upgrade as I enter my information. This automatic update feature prevents me from losing important data.

I use Google Drive to create folders for every one of my classes, labeling each folder by file title, category number and date that I take the program. In each folder, I create weekly subfolders, which contain course materials and scholarly articles that pertain to the week’s assignment.

After that job is finished, I download the syllabus for each course in the appropriate class folder. This organizational system gives me easy access to see each week’s needs from any of my apparatus.

Google Drive Is Useful for Collaboration between Students

Some courses require me to work as part of a group with other students. Google Drive is ideal for collaborating on group projects. You may track changes and add comments in documents like google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides. Also, you can limit viewing of and working on a job to only selected participants.

Google Drive also lets me create Google Forms for polls or questionnaires. After I create a kind, I will send it to the group’s participants to complete.

Google Docs: Handy for Different Writing Assignments 

Google Docs is my main writing tool and is comparable to Microsoft Word. It enables me to format my work to meet appropriate school guidelines and mechanically runs spelling and grammar checks.

Writing Forum Posts using Google Docs

Once a class begins, I replicate every week’s discussion questions and place them in the corresponding subfolder. After I have all of the discussion questions at a Google Doc, I start to investigate the answers.

When I encounter references pertaining to a discussion question, I produce a properly cited benchmark, so I know just where the info came from. After that, I input my response to each query to make my forum post for that week. Once the forum article is finished, I review the text and check to make sure the word count meets the teacher’s requirements for a forum post.

I always type my answer to a query in a Google dialogue document. This ensures that my response meets proper grammar, spelling and word count requirements. Utilizing Google Docs makes it effortless to copy and paste my response to a discussion query to the forum.

After I submit a forum post, I highlight it at the Google document for a reminder that I have published it. This serves as a double-check to assist me fulfill or surpass the minimum weekly amount of forum posts (at least three articles ) required by my instructor.

Creating Papers using Google Docs

Some courses require more than 1 paper, so I create a single job number for each paper. I locate the mission directions and copy them to the Google Doc informative webpage, so that I know just what is required for each mission.

I find my testimonials, enter them at the reference page and then write the paper. When I am satisfied that I covered all the necessary components, I check the formatting, proofread my job and apply it to the teacher in the online classroom.

Google Drive and Google Docs Provide Organization and 24/7 accessibility

The two Google Drive and Google Docs offer convenience, considerable storage and easy access in computers and mobile devices. I have found these two online tools to be extremely beneficial in the online classroom.

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