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Maintaining Your Apps Work For You

As an online student, tech ends up in the forefront. It’s almost impossible to go a week or even a few days without it. From checking email, to submitting missions, there’s no escape from the web and all of the requirements that come along with it. What do you use on a regular basis and just how long can you go without it?

Web plays a major part in online learning because we not only need to access the course data, but also use links in articles for references and article submissions. Besides the real web, how many programs do you use to ease your online learning? Whether it’s blackboard or a job list, we utilize programs to arrange our time and schedule. Also, consider dictionary apps or movie apps that help with the quality or content of your newspaper. Do you operate it by turnitin when it is finally done or do you want an editing app in your handheld device?

The tech nowadays has allowed students to not only have the ability to compose an whole document, but also submit the whole piece online. I used a program the other day named Polaris that allowed me to alter over a note I generated on a notepad app to some .docx document. This allowed my writing to be opened as a Word document on a regular desktop. Tech is actually reshaping how we view our homework. For me, I realize now that you can survive without a computer provided that there is an android device around.

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