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Teaching Emergency Management through Hands-On Learning

Stanford University professor Albert Bandura once observed:”Many different theories have been advanced through the years to explain why people act as they do.”

According to a education scholars, some people prefer a learning style that that is tactile in nature. They use their hands to physically learn how to do something.

By way of instance, physicians, nurses and paramedics learn how to perform specific tasks through learning. These processes would be particularly beneficial for attaining more sections of the public that are learning about emergency management and appropriate preparation.

Present Emergency Management Education Uses Words and Images

Presently, many emergency managers use flyers, brochures and societal media memes to educate the public about how to prepare for an emergency. As an example, the condition of Virginia uses brochures to educate the public about emergency measures. Distributing these flyers at public occasions has had a favorable impact on teaching people for an emergency.

New Education Techniques Needed to Today’s Millennial Generation

In the past couple of years, education scholars have analyzed how to teach millennial pupils who grew up with computers and the Internet. A number of these millennials are not interested in reading advice. They want to learn quickly by other procedures.

1 post by Wisconsin education author Mary Bart suggests that instructors should engage their pupils using multimedia sources. But studying by social media may not provide enough information.

It can be difficult to keep in mind, for instance, that the recommended household quantity of water storage is dependent on how many pets and people live on the premises. Further, it can be tough to remember just what things someone should have on hand in an emergency if they’re not yet emergency-savvy.

Information found on social media sites helps the learning process, but it may be essential to train the public by other means.

Using the Kinesthetic Learning Style for Your Advantage

While brochures, flyers and societal media have functioned well for some learners, emergency managers need to come up with more innovative approaches to reach different parts of the general public. Kinesthetic learning refers to the concept that doing something physically can help students to understand and retain information better than by some other means.

Taking kinesthetic learning into account, it could be good for emergency managers to set up stalls at fairs or other public events to physically teach the general public about crisis management trainings. Allowing people to physically determine how much water they will need to get ready for a crisis could make a lasting impression and potentially save lives.

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