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The Best Way of Getting Kindle Notations

The beauty of reading novels on the Kindle is that the ease with which you can highlight and add notes. Yet much more amazing is the ease of accessing those highlights and notes later.

First, understand that you will need the following:

  • An Amazon account
  • A Kindle program (Windows, iOS, or Android), or even a Kindle apparatus
  • A downloaded Kindle publication

Second, understand a few of the limitations. You can’t copy and paste from a book on a Kindle device obviously, but you also cannot copy and paste from a mobile device (e.g., iPhone) either. While this can be frustrating when you’re working remotely from your own computer, your notes and notes are saved on your account and synced everywhere you have a Kindle app or apparatus.

Now, the only Kindle program you’ll be able to paste and copy from is installed on your PC.

However, there is another, better way.

1.) Go to Log into your Amazon account if you aren’t already logged in.

From that point, there are two methods to get your notes and highlights. You can Click Your Highlights on Top. However, this will display all your books in the order with which you last notated them. Therefore, if you are looking for notations in the book you read months before, then you are going to need to do a great deal of scrolling.

2.) The simpler method is to click Your Novels . Amazon may ask you to log in again.

3.) Amazon will exhibit all your Kindle purchases. Find your publication by clicking through the list or by hunting. When you find your book, click on it.

4.) This is where Amazon again provides you multiple choices to get there at the same thing. It’s tempting to click View Your Notes & Highlights. But this opens a little window which requires a lot of scrolling and more clicking to see everything. Alternatively, you will want to click on the text in the top right-hand corner which says the number of notes and highlights you have in the book.

5.) Upon clicking that, you’re now at the holy grail of your book’s notations. Amazon functions up just one page of each highlight and note, along with location.

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